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Furniture Removal-The Junk Removal Pros

Couches, Sofas, Dressers & More

Furniture Removal, In-Home Furniture Moves

Whether you're looking to remove clutter from your home or in your business, the number one space-waster is always unneeded, damaged, or outdated furniture.

When the daily tasks of life and business mount, it is easy to stop noticing that broken chair or table in the corner of the room, or how a moldy chair or couch has been collecting dust. If you're planning a grand reorganization of a space of great importance to you, having junk furniture removed should definitely be at the top of your list of tasks to accomplish.

Unfortunately, furniture of any size can prove to be a great hurdle in planning a comprehensive clean-up, as all piece tend to be heavy and cumbersome to move.

That's where the experts at The Junk Removal Pros come in!


At The Junk Removal Pros, we have years of experience in proving to our clients that a clean home or office - and a space free from clutter - gives you every opportunity to succeed. You, your family, or your employees will be able to work and everything will work with you, allowing your focus to remain on the bigger picture.


Although our wide-range of services  include every aspect of junk removal, since our initial founding in 2010, one of our most popular and necessary services has been that of Furniture Removal and In-home Furniture Moves. We pride ourselves on serving our community's home and business owners in this capacity and make the entire process as quick and effortless as possible.


As a family-owned and operated company, we know that your own project's turnaround time and productivity depends upon the swift removal of unneeded clutter. With The Junk Removal Pros on your side, you'll never again have to lift a finger to get your crucial organizational tasks well underway. Aside from our knowledge and expertise in all forms of junk and clutter removal, our team will handle the space in which your furniture with the utmost care and concern and, in the case that you will be either keeping the furniture or donating it to a charity of your choice, the integrity, and functionality of the pieces themselves. The cornerstone of The Junk Removal Pros' renowned reputation is for our professionalism and personal touch to each project we approach for each individual client.

All-Inclusive Full Service Junk Removal & Clean-outs for your Home and Office

We Do All The Work- 
Just Point & We Will Make Your Junk Disappear! 


Leave the hard work to The Pros!

 The Junk Removal Pros services all of Montgomery County,  

Howard County, Frederick County and surrounding areas 

Let the expert team at The Junk Removal Pros make room in your life for the things that matter most 

 Call Now and let us know how we can help!  

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