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Hoarding Cleanout The Junk Removal Pros MD

Hoarding Clean-outs

 Hoarding can be hard to understand and can sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about, but it is an important topic to discuss. Compulsive hoarding is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive obtainment of large quantities of objects stored in the home and the unwillingness to part with them. The objects pile up over time and can create distress and impairment in the living areas of the home. Often, family and friends left to deal with a hoarder’s mess are embarrassed by the situation, and may not reach out to the professionals needed to remove all of the junk. We at The Junk Removal Pros take control of the situation during a hoarder clean out and get the job done without judgment.


What Is Hoarding?

The word “hoarder” has become overused, and should not be used to describe someone who simply has a lot of stuff. Hoarding is a real psychological disorder associated with or categorized as a symptom of OCD, and is a higher form of “disposophobia,” the fear of throwing things away. The three main characteristics of hoarding include obtaining many useless possessions that the hoarder is unable to get rid of, making a home so cluttered that the rooms cannot be used for their intended purposes, and the inability to accomplish basic daily activities such as cooking and cleaning.


Risks Of Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding behavior is associated with health risks and impaired functioning. When a home is too full of piles of objects, the hoarder may not be able to use the kitchen to cook, rooms remain dirty for long periods of time, and the walking space throughout the home is limited. Also, hoarding can put the person at risk from fire, tripping or falling, and multiple health concerns.

How To Help Hoarders

Often, hoarders have a hard time letting anyone into their home because they’re embarrassed by the extreme quantity of items they have and how the junk has affected their daily life. Hoarders have a hard time throwing anything away as they have an emotional attachment, so it is important to get them professional help and offer support. Allowing a service such as Junk Removal Pros to assist in cleaning out their home is a great start, but cleaning is a minor solution to the problem. Professional help is the next step, as hoarding is a psychological disorder and treatment is needed to overcome the disorder.


Making Room With The Junk Removal Pros

We help hoarders and their families every step of the way during a hoarding cleanout and will complete the job without judgment. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, clean and healthy environment. Reach out to us at The Junk Removal Pros to see how we can help alleviate your situation. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ to find out more updates about our company, as well as tips and useful information in the junk removal world. You can also call us at (301) 943-0178 or fill out our contact form online!

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