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Junk & Bulk Trash Removal

When it comes to making room in your life for what is truly important, clutter and junk can work to lower your productivity and turnaround time. The experts at The Junk Removal Pros know this fact, and we make it our business to approach every junk and bulk trash removal project as if your personal organization was our own.

Whether you are looking to clear out your own home, a separate property, or a business or corporate structure, our team is experienced in removing unwanted and truly unnecessary clutter from your space quickly, efficiently, and with the care and concern to keep your space's integrity perfectly intact.

Many people never realize the amount of time saved and productivity increased by having their junk and waste professionally removed, literally paving the way for more space and the ability to meet a project's goal in a quicker amount of time. Most see this task as daunting. It can be, which is why The Junk Removal Pros are happy to provide this service for you. We will remove the equipment and the furniture and even the carpet if you need it, so you don't have to worry about those minor details - be it in your home or place of business.


In an office setting, not only will the old equipment leave your office making room for new, improved, and productive replacements, but the old equipment will be recycled; The Junk Removal Pros are proud to dispose of all items in the most environmentally-safe ways when necessary. If your items happen to be in working condition and could possibly be donated, we will happily take them to the charity of your choosing.

At The Junk Removal Pros, we have years of experience in proving to our clients that a clean home or office - and a space free from clutter - gives you every opportunity to succeed. You, your family, or your employees will be able to work and everything will work with you, allowing your focus to remain on the bigger picture.


Although our wide-range of services include every aspect of junk removal, since our initial founding in 2010, the cornerstone of The Junk Removal Pro's experience and expertise in clearing out the areas most important to our clients has remained our professional approach to Junk and Bulk Trash Removal. We pride ourselves on servicing the community in this capacity and make the entire process as quick and effortless as possible. As a family-owned and operated company, we know that your own project's turnaround time and productivity depends upon the swift removal of unneeded clutter.

All-Inclusive Full Service Junk Removal & Clean-outs for your Home and Office 

We Do All The Work- 
Just Point & We Will Make Your Junk Disappear!


Leave the hard work to The Pros! 

The Junk Removal Pros services all of Montgomery County,  

Howard County, Frederick County and surrounding areas 

Let the expert team at The Junk Removal Pros

make room in your life for the things that matter most 

 Call Now and let us know how we can help!  

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