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Recycling-The Junk Removal Pros

Recycling With The Junk Removal Pros

Recycling is important for everyone, as it saves energy, protects wildlife and resources, and is good for the economy. When you call The Junk Removal Pros for a junk removal or debris/yard trash removal, you can feel good knowing your items will be recycled correctly. Other junk removal companies make claims that they recycle items, but we see those companies dumping out recyclable materials. The Junk Removal Pros will always take the extra time to recycle whatever we can in the proper way!

Reasons To Recycle

While most people know recycling is important, many claim it’s inconvenient or doesn’t make much a difference, so they choose not to recycle in their daily lives. However, recycling brings many positive benefits for the Earth, so it is crucial for everyone to try to recycle whenever possible.

  1. Saves energy: Recycling allows old materials to be used to produce a new item, meaning that manufacturers don’t have to produce something new from natural resources. Also, by saving on this energy consumption, production costs are lower.

  2. Protects wildlife: In addition to saving millions of trees by recycling paper, recycling helps to reduce the need to destroy animals habitats.

  3. Good for the economy: Recycling and purchasing recycled products creates a circle, as the higher the demand for recycled goods, the more people will recycle. Items made from recycled materials are also better for the environment, as they are produced by using less water, less energy, and create less pollution.  ​​


Recyclable Materials

We sort through your junk for recyclable materials while on the job, including anything made of paper, metal, cardboard, and glass. It is important for our professionals to know which items are recyclable, and which are not. For instance, many materials you may think are recyclable actually may not be, including ceramics, heat-resistant glass, mirror or window glass, metal or plastic caps and lids, and light bulbs. While other companies only claim to recycle your junk, The Junk Removal Pros make a promise to our customers that we truly do take the time to recycle. Whether it’s paper, plastics, metal, old TVs, old computers, printers or monitors, we will recycle items the right way!

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