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Yard & Storm Debris Clean-up By The Pros

March is officially here and it has definitely come in like a lion!

We are in the midst of a powerful wind storm here in Clarksburg, Md.

First and foremost, The Junk Removal Pros want to remind everyone to stay safe. Winds are projected to gust up to 80 miles an hour throughout today and into tomorrow morning.

Preparing For The Storm

If you have not done so already, please take a few minutes to walk around your yard to secure any objects that may be at risk of becoming projectiles. Objects like patio sets, umbrellas, pots and even trash/recycling bins can easily take flight and cause property damage or injuries if not secured. Be aware of downed power lines. If you do encounter one, please do not go near it! Immediatley contact your local police department to report it, as well as your utility company so they can safely power it down and fix it. Never touch any downed wire!

Surveying The Damage

After the storm dies down you may then carefully check your property for damage and debris. Tree branches, especially in our area where we have many older trees, may have come down. Shingles and siding may have been torn off from the high winds. Small out-buildings such as sheds may have significant damage. As you survey any damage, please watch out for broken glass & wood/metal fragments which may cause injuries.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up after a storm can be a huge undertaking. It can be an overwhelming task- this is where The Junk Removal Pros can help! Did you know that besides our junk removal services we also offer yard clean-ups? At The Junk Removal Pros, our years of service has earned us a reputation for dedicated and professional work in removing all forms of unneeded and unnecessary items from our clients' home or business. However, we are proud that our expertise and hands-on quality extends beyond the walls of your space; one of our specialties is clearing yard & storm debris from your property. Whether you're need routine or seasonal yard clean up, require a storm clean up service, commercial landscaping or completing a land clearing project as part of your larger project, you can depend upon The Junk Removal Pros to roll up our sleeves and help make your job easier!

Yard & Storm Debris Clean Up from

The Junk Removal Pros

Do you need a yard or storm debris clean up service? Reach out to us at The Junk Removal Pros to see how we can alleviate your situation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find out more updates about our company, as well as tips and useful information in the junk removal world. You can also call us at (301) 943-0178 or fill out our online!

What are you waiting for? Leave the junk to the Pros! The Junk Removal Pros service all of Montgomery, Howard and Frederick Counties.

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