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Choose The Junk Removal Pros Over Renting A Dumpster

There comes a time that almost every home needs junk to be removed from their property. Whether you’ve done a massive cleanout of the garage or just finished a home improvement project, you want the junk and debris removed from your yard as quickly and efficiently as possible. While you have the option of doing it yourself by renting a roll off dumpster, you’ll find that it is not the best decision. Find out why hiring The Junk Removal Pros is the best option for all your junk removal needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster may seem easy enough, but you may be getting yourself into a lot more work than you originally planned. Few homeowners are already equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to haul the junk off to the right facilities on their own. A dumpster rental business will give you the container to fill, and you will have to do all the heavy lifting on your own. If you have heavy objects that you want to be removed, you are putting yourself at risk by lifting the weighty items by yourself.

There is also the issue of trying to stay within the weight limits set by the roll off company. It can be really difficult to gauge how much weight you are actually adding to the dumpster. Go over that set weight- and you will be paying a lot of extra money in dump fees. It may seem like renting a dumpster is a more cost-effective idea, but the reality is the time you invest to remove your junk and load the dumpster, plus going over weight limits, will cost you much MUCH more than using a full service junk removal company, such as The Junk Removal Pros. Why would you pay more to do all the hard work, when we provide quality service and can get the job done at a faster rate?

Dumpsters are generally rented by the week, so if you have a job that can be done in a few days, you will still be left with the big, unsightly and sometimes super smelly dumpster taking up space in your driveway for the whole week. Who wants to deal with that, especially during the hot, humid dog days of summer in Maryland!

Why You Should Call The Junk Removal Pros

We at The Junk Removal Pros have been offering quality junk and clutter removal for both the commercial and residential sectors for years. We are a family-owned and operated business, and have been offering these professional services since our initial founding while continuing to build our reputation of professionalism and dedication to our customers. Investing in a junk removal service is your best option no matter how big or small the job. We can save you time and money over renting a roll off dumpster by completing the entire task as efficiently as possible, usually in just one day!

Better For The Environment

What happens to the the electronics, paper, metal, wood, paint cans, chemicals etc that gets thrown in the dumpster? You may think that it is separated at the dump but the truth is, when you choose to rent a dumpster, everything inside is dumped in the general trash area of our local transfer station. Nothing is separated, so it does not get recycled which means more trash in our landfills & more toxins that end up in our soil/water. That is just not acceptable this day and age. If you are as worried about where your junk will be going as we are, rest reassured in knowing that The Junk Removal Pros separates ALL materials/products from the general junk/trash and recycle each one by taking them to the proper recycling facilities. From yard waste to appliances, we make sure that any item that CAN be recycled, WILL be recycled.

Junk Removal From The Junk Removal Pros

Do you need junk removed? Do you have old furniture, large appliances, or computers sitting around gathering dust? Reach out to us at The Junk Removal Pros to see how we can help alleviate your situation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to find out more updates about our company, as well as tips and useful information in the junk removal world. You can also call us at (301) 943-0178 or fill out our contact form online!

What are you waiting for? Leave the Junk to the Pros! The Junk Removal Pros service all of Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick County and surrounding areas.

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