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How We Recycle and Donate Your Junk

Donate & Recycle With The Pros

After The Junk Removal Pros come by and help with your clean-out and remove your junk from your home or yard, do you ever wonder about where that junk goes? We sort through your junk to find items we can recycle or donate while making sure we put as little in our landfills as possible. The Junk Removal Pros recycles 70% of the junk we remove by donating to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, schools, local charities, less fortunate families and by recycling all renewable/recyclable items at the proper processing centers.


Whether we are working on an office clean-out or general junk removal job, we typically like to sort items as much as possible while on the job for items we can donate. After the job is done and  those items are set aside, we give what we can to various local organizations. Our experienced team members care about the communities they serve and are more than happy to take your unwanted items to the charity of your choosing. 

Can It Be Donated?

Before throwing items into the donation pile, it is important to know which items are worth donating, and which should just be thrown out. We have to ask ourselves, "is this item really useful?" If the item is not in nearly-new shape, such as torn or stained couches, broken items or faded wholly clothes then it shouldn't be donated. Most charities are quite particular about what the will deem "acceptable" for donations. A good thing to remember when deciding if an item is in fact able to be donated is, Would you be embarrassed by giving this item to a friend? If the answer is yes, then it should just be thrown away.

You should also be sure that the charity you select to donate to is aligned with your intentions. Some charities will give the item to those in need or use it for themselves. Some charities will sell the item. Before you choose the charity you would like to donate to, read up on them to be sure they are the right charity for you. 

Do You Charge For Donation Pick Ups?

Since we are a small junk removal business, and not a charity donation truck, yes we do charge for removing and hauling away the items.

Why do we charge a fee? Part of the cost is because we will remove the item(s) from your home, unlike most charity donation trucks, which require items to be left curbside. We are accepting all the risk (for our employees and your property) involved in the removal. This fee covers labor and insurance costs, plus the time it takes to sort, take and unload the items at either the recycling facilities or your chosen charity. When you choose to donate usually you can deduct the costs from your taxes. Check with the charity beforehand to make sure it is tax deductible. We are always happy to send you your donation receipt for your tax records after the job is done.

Why Hire The Junk Removal Pros Instead of Using a"Free Pickup" Service?

The simple answer: to ensure your items are actually donated.

Many people will tell you they'll pick up your donations for free but they never take it to your chosen charity! They will re-sell the item(s) themselves, so they can pocket the money. That "free" pickup really isn't "free"- they just make their money off of selling your intended donations instead of directly charging you for the removal. Either way, you are paying for the item to be removed! 

This unethical practice is very common. The biggest victims of this scam are the charities who rely on donations to operate. The Junk Removal Pros will never stray from our customers requests. If you want to donate items, we WILL donate them and never re-sell them for an added profit. 

Can It Be Recycled?

The Junk Removal Pros sorts all recyclable materials on the job, separating anything made of paper, metal, cardboard, brush, yard waste, appliances, electronics, bricks, rocks and concrete glass, etc. It is important to us- and for everyone- to know which items are recyclable and which are not. For instance, not all glass can be recycled, including: ceramics, such as dishware, ovenware and decorative items, heat-resistant glass, such as Pyrex, mirror or window glass, metal or plastic caps and lids and light bulbs.

If you aren't sure if an item is recyclable, don't worry, it's our job to know! Our General Manager Dustin, ensures that everything that can be recycled IS recycled. Under his supervision, our recycling program is now at 70%! That means seventy percent of ALL items we remove, are recycled, which we are pretty proud of. 

Junk Removal From The Junk Removal Pros

Do you need junk removed? Do you have old furniture, large appliances, or computers sitting around gathering dust? Reach out to us at The Junk Removal Pros to see how we can alleviate your situation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find out more updates about our company, as well as tips and useful information in the junk removal world. You can also call us at (301) 943-0178 or fill out our contact form online. 

Leave The Junk To The Pros! The Junk Removal Pros service all of Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick County and surrounding areas. 

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