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yard debris & clean up-The Junk Removal Pros

Yard Debris Removal

At The Junk Removal Pros, our years of service has earned us a reputation for dedicated and professional work in removing all forms of unneeded and unnecessary items from our clients' home or business. However, we are proud that our expertise and hands-on quality extends beyond the walls of your space; one of our specialties is clearing yard debris from your property, making your large-scale renovation and reorganization project even easier and productive. Whether you're doing routine or seasonal yard clean up, commercial landscaping or completing a land clearing project as part of your larger project, you can depend upon The Junk Removal Pros to roll up our sleeves and help make your job easier!

Some homeowners are choosing to beneficially reuse yard waste through composting, chipping and mulching processes in order to improve the overall look and health of their lawn and garden. We can work with homeowners to coordinate your yard debris if you have such a landscaping project in mind. On the business side of things, our expert team can handle landscape debris from offices, personal businesses, school, and other organizations. When construction and demolition projects require clearing land, we can get rid of stumps, trees, and shrubs, rocks and uncontaminated soil - all with the same professionalism with which we approach every personal project that we approach.

All-Inclusive Full Service Junk Removal & Clean-outs for your Home and Office 

We Do All The Work- 
Just Point & We Will Make Your Junk Disappear! 

Leave the hard work to The Pros! 

The Junk Removal Pros services all of Montgomery County,  

Howard County, Frederick County and surrounding areas 

Let the expert team at The Junk Removal Pros make room in your life for the things that matter most 

 Call Now and let us know how we can help!  

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